Tuesday, September 2, 2014


" Morning Sky" By Artist Doug Carter,on gessoboard 5 X 7.
The sound of the wind and the birds flying above. Couldn't help but notice this sky almost a silvery glow. It was hard to paint because I saw both elements in the color of the sky. It was very calming to paint and capture at the time. Enjoy the view and let the imagination soar thanks for checking it out. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

" Country Road" SOLD

" Country Road " Doug Carter Artist, 5 x 7 Gessoboard. For me I liked the feeling of this field study because it shows such strong depth. Probably 10's of Acres and a sky to match the beauty of this massive land. As you can see there was a haze that was fun to capture. I was very curious to know where this road went didn't have a chance to find out yet. However one day we will see and there will probably be another painting. I feel this could be a very dramatic larger painting if I could capture the same feeling of the vast fields of land. Hope you enjoy my story and painting as much as I do.

Monday, August 18, 2014

" Water on Fire " SOLD

" Water On Fire" By Artist Doug Carter,.The power of the sun it brings life to everything we know and see because of it. No wounder it has fascinated us since the beginning of time. This shows how light will glow even through a solid tree and all its branches full of leaves. I challenged myself to capture this moment very happy with this attempt. The reflection in the water was just a bonus . Looks like water on fire sounds like a good title.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

" Sea Glow "

" Sea Glow "  As you can see I'm still trying to push the colors and continue playing with a familiar theme of " Fire And Ice " . As you look at this you will see color surrounded by subtle grays in the blues of the sea and the  clouds as they change from pinkish to blue. Their are only a few colors that can be used in these transactions with out creating a mess. Again with the changes of colors with yellows and oranges to pinks same thing occurs. What are your thought any luck with transitions of colors are they still a mystery to you as well. .

" Tribute to Colin Page "

"Shrimp Boat " Recently spent a week in Charleston SC. A place I have lived and loved to be apart of.  There is so much material for a Artist to paint from the sea, charm of the old city and the variety of structures of an era gone by. So as I do so often in any town I looked for Art  Gallery's, I think Charleston had close to 30 listed. I feel in love with many artist works as I visited a few.. One Artist caught my interest that of Colin Page. So here is my try and tribute to one of his pieces. . Love It.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

" Holy Cloud " - SOLD

Its all about the sky and most importantly the clouds with the glow. You may have heard me say this before I like to call this effect "Fire and Ice". What an effect and eye catcher I feel this will be. A conversation piece you can talk to your friends about for a all time. Whats the most amazing thing about this is I painted one not so long ago and said as I was driving down the road that scene was a once in a life time event. Just as I got done thinking that, I looked in the side view mirror and captured this scene behind me. Almost the same effect the last cloud painting had except it captured more of a red reflection from the sun. Blew my mind .

Thursday, July 31, 2014

" New Life " SOLD

" New Life " Doug Carter Artist, Oil Painting 7 X 5.On Gesso Board. A Artist eye is never at rest when there are so many inspiring things to paint. I was playing Disc Golf with my son . Took my phone camera out and took this picture. My son stopped and said Dad what are you photographing? Showed him the scene, Said it reminds me of a poster I had of a drawing of a stump with a new growth of a twig growing out of it. It said "Never Give Up" .

" Sweet Beach "

" Sweet Beach " By Doug Carter Artist,.Do you remember ? Some of the best times where playing and even better playing at the beach. Yes there is always a struggle who gets the new shovel or bucket.In the end all works out and time makes memories. I love to see and smell of the ocean and the fun and excitement it creates.

Thursday, June 26, 2014


" Hill Country "  What could be around the corner ? Probably  more rolling hills and beautiful landscape to explore. I remember as a kid riding my bike with my best friend asking that same question. How exciting to be on a adventure with nature. Come join me as I explore the hill country in this scene.

Monday, June 23, 2014

" Summer Glow " - SOLD

" Summer Glow " I'm not sure, however I think sky's are my favorite subject. They are never the same not to mention the beautiful colors and variety of shapes and stages. They are always changing and  bring me closer to my belief in a true Maker. A beach sunset has two of my choice subjects, warm sky's and cool oceans what I call a fire and ice combinations.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

" Breaking Light " - SOLD

" Breaking Light " The  Light changes everything that sounds Biblical ? You know the tree line has greens and browns in it right? That's what your brain tells you, I tell my students don't paint what you know.Paint what you see regardless of what you think.. Paint the color that is actually there I painted oranges and purples and just a touch of the green.. That's what I push myself to do its not easy. The Sun breaks through and the woods look like they are on fire it's the light. Paint the light and everything else will work out.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

" Glowing Sky Clouds " - SOLD

The size of the Texas sky and this cloud filled it up. The colors and the glow was unspeakable. For a 5 X 7 painting there's allot in there. I'm Going to let the picture speak for itself.

Monday, June 16, 2014


Set off into the distance and off by itself was this little red shed. The woods where very dark and the sun just broke through and it appeared like a stop sign. Well it caught my eye and so I new it would catch yours. Simple composition yet the colors are what sets it off . cooler foliage in the foreground trees and the warmer ground set by the sun that just appeared. Warm and inviting ready for your home to enjoy.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


"Farmland fields" The story is the fields of cut hay seem to have a unique pattern that captures your thought. The design and how they eventually get cut and laid out create a maze of interest. The sky was just warming up and yet the fields where still covered with the morning coolness . Just enough heat breaking through to cover the tops of the bails and shine through some of the trees. I prefer the painting to tell the story so her it is. Enjoy

Monday, June 9, 2014

" Swamp Land "

More on Caddo Lake TX.,. I have had both these pictures in ornate frames as a pair, what an exciting set they make. I'm also thinking on painting an additional set in a more cooler than warmer setting.  Either later in the evening , late afternoon or foggy morning. The lake adds mystery and interest to the setting in the lake filled woods. The Spanish moss in also a bit different to paint as well.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

" Cyprus & Moss "

This is one of my forever friends favorite places Caddo Lake TX. I find this area a real mysterious part of this lake. The colors and the feel of light is incredible.  I also did another one like this scene as a grouping, I will post tomorrow. The value and reflection in the water is very key and quite the challenge worth painting.  I want to do some more of this natural beauty so close to me in the East Texas Area. Will keep you posted take a look tomorrow at the Caddo Lake # 2 as well. Thanks for all the questions and kind words. For my Forever friend Liz thinking of you.